Define your reality

On media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn private and business statements find their way timely into the public. Particularly the business statements form an indispensable part of the Corporate Identity. It is an advantage on the long term to sent effective and consistent messages, since the Internet keeps news for a long time available. In case of conflict they should be arranged in such a way that the public receives the impression that you engage yourself in the search for a solution, without making any concessions. In order to get over a crisis with little damage, you define your reality.

Eigene Wirklichkeit

In exceptional situations formulations are often used, like „… without sense and emergency… “, „… It would be irresponsible, if we played on time. … “or „… We are only concerned about de-escalation and pacification of the total situation. … “. Assessments are made, without assessing.

What can we learn from it?

  • Take care of your own point of view
    Always specify your perspective and offer thereby the public your assessment. Avoid dark sides in your presentation.
  • Stay constantly honest
    Always remain with the truth in everything that you communicate. Due to the general visibility, false statements will find sooner or later their way to light.
  • Be ruthless positive
    Remain always positive. Avoid negative statements and obvious accusations.
  • Avoid criticism
    Show your interest and compassion for the victims of the current conflict and emphasize their needs, without criticizing.
  • Provide alternatives
    Find alternative ways, which could provide a solution, and announce them without further details at an early stage.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate
    Strive for a large public with your efforts. This produces support that makes pressure on the responsible people.

Bottom line: Define your reality as positive as possible. The public remembers gladly optimistic messages. You put pressure to act on other participants. The hour of the truth always takes place later. However, you ensure that the ball does not lie on your side for the moment. Who will eventually bear the consequences of the problems, defines only the future.