The most important hurdles to exchange information are the attention of the target group and the sustained remembering of contents.
In a world that is evaluated and assessed become more and more limits significant. It is difficult to get through
As soon as you give Mr. Hammer a hammer, everything looks like a nail. This curse began with the division
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The strategy is the effort to design the future according to your own intentions. It is not about foretelling the
The business model does not say which, for what, how, with whom or wherewith the undertaking has to be realized.
The mirror on the wall does not bring the substantial characteristics to light, because the self-image only becomes incompletely visible
The easiest way to approach people is via their culture - language, life style and experiences. Who would start in
The index finger is the most used independently of the other fingers. An embarrassing function of showing is the accusation
Seats differ from each other depending on the use. There is no one and only solution, because the requirements deviate
The positive prospects often outshine potential disadvantages. An enticing result is sufficient, in order to tackle a thing, without trying
To be travelling always means that one has to give up its familiar, own infrastructure. Depending on the budget, it
Every human is a universe - his/her universe. It is unbelievable, how the synapses in head and gut hold this
Information is the volatile stuff. One cannot grasp it. It is everywhere. And by its use it does not disappear
In contrast to the automobiles, the information technology changes our way of living faster and more radical. The car had
Once upon a time, there was a business world that was tangible with both hands. Things had length, height, width,
An increasing number of specialists produce more and more information. The knowledge of the world doubles every five to fifteen
Globalization does not only mobilize goods and people, but also values and laws. This brings up the question of the
According to a study, one in four employees in Germany provides ideas for improving the business. That way per 100
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The choice of words determines the first impression of the listener. The different terms that are available, vary around neutral
An idea evolves subconsciously. For this reason, it is important to provide enough room for the idea, so that it
Imagine that six blind Indians encounter regularly an elephant. By coincidence, they always stand at the same place besides this
It is amazing, how easy legal and moral requirements for the handling of critical information come into conflict. The copyright
Around the world over 8.7 million trademarks, patents, industrial design use and design patent were registered in 2010. These are
In near future, we always work where we are. That can be at home, in the hotel, being on the
In times of the continuous production and distribution of news, the attention of the target group is the most important
Why should business travelers burden themselves with a house or an apartment, if they are rarely there? Why should capital
Growth evolves in enterprises towards the one, determining key figure. All efforts serve only to increase profit, revenue, market shares,
Amazing changes happen in nature, the so-called metamorphosis. In the course of this, creatures turn naturally from one status in
Transnational enterprises develop, produce and sell their deliverables worldwide. For this purpose, they need a self-understanding that integrates different ways
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A substantial part of the economy, politics and other areasof life is the exchange of information. The biggest mistake is
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