A new universe is born

Every human is a universe – his/her universe. It is unbelievable, how the synapses in head and gut hold this cosmos together. Throughout our life, we react to external stimulations and learn without end – ideas, knowledge, convictions, desires, intentions. With the birth, the small being uncouples from the mother ship, and forges ahead.

I am incredibly pleased that in our proximity a new universe is born.


The moment, when the father cut the umbilical navel cord, all systems of the body began to work independently. The heart strikes at birth with 120 beats and the baby breathes forty to fifty times. Per minute. From now on, all body functions will operate incessantly, controlled by the synapses.

The world changes dramatically. Unusually bright and loud and fresh. Fortunately, there are well-known impressions. The parental laugher and voices. The feeling, when one is carried around on the arm. The barking of the dog. The rhythmic sounds that are not yet called music and somehow sound familiar. The splatter of the faucet and the noise of the mixer. All memories of the time, when you were safely on the way in the mother ship.

Now starts the expedition that brings each day something new. All is interesting – even if you cannot call it by name. Quickly the universe learns that everything has a name – mom, dad, din-din, poop, Toffy. With the first steps, the impressions will explode. More and more, more interesting, more delicious.

On 17.3.2014 Samira Sofia started her journey. Since then she captures the world with „giant strides“.

Good luck.