Commitment happens inside

Enterprises are using tools for the administration of employees – the planning, procurement, employment, administration, development and controlling of the personnel. The employees are encouraged, retained, satisfied, developed and appreciated. The most important element is the commitment that enables the employees to engage themselves in the enterprise. Unfortunately the commitment always happens inside and therefore it is not directly attainable for HR managers.


There are three possibilities to stimulate the commitment: formal, contentual and personal amplifiers.

  • Formal amplifiers
    Formal amplifiers are administrative measures that are tailored to an enterprise. They support acceptance by providing collaboration guidelines, role clarity, leadership and sponsorship tools. The collaboration guidelines that should be available in the context of the governance include defined reporting processes, the interaction, employee participation and similar. The role clarity is achieved by documenting the essential roles with their tasks, authorities and responsibilities. The leadership tools are characterized by comprehensible evaluation systems, clear leadership style, explicit target agreements, periodical feedback talks and similar instruments. The sponsorship tools are not only for commitment amplifying, but also for increasing the sustainability. This includes training, skill, and career development programs as well as performance-oriented incentives. Extend your current initiatives with appropriate amplifiers, in order to make it easy for your target group to commit.
  • Contentual amplifiers
    The contentual amplifiers are the most varied, because they are topic-oriented amplifiers that result from the field of work. They include interesting tasks, a variety of offers, focus on competency-oriented elements, and open exchange of information as well as challenges that maintain autonomy that are innovative and support changes. Interesting tasks appeal the personal interests of an employee. The variety of opportunities comes from various, cross-functional projects that allow a broadening of knowledge. Competency-oriented elements, like certifications and diploma, should be integrated into the measures. Exchange of information is realized by an open exchange of the contents. Challenges emerge from new topics, cross-functional and personal responsibility. Take a look at your initiatives from the perspective of your teams and make your tasks more attractive contentually.
  • Personal amplifiers
    The personal amplifiers are the most sensitive, because they are tailored to the interests of individuals that are triggered by internal control conviction. They evolve through the feeling of self-efficacy, justice, satisfaction and curiosity. Internal control convictions are conveyed by choice, creative and decision freedom. Self perceptible authority (self-efficacy) results from recognition of existing skills and personal offers. Justice is transferred by openness, fairness and legal certainty. Satisfaction results from a desired involvement of the target group into the overall happenings and the creation of an attractive identity. Curiosity can be satisfied by a respective exchange of information. Consider personal incitements and provide enough space for creativity for the individual people.

The commitment amplifiers are often used without a plan. One can boost the commitment by integrating the three amplification areas into the assignments and by using the other HR-tools (Personal development, incentive systems, and creation of an attractive working environment).

Bottom line: Even if commitment happens internally, there are various approaches to stimulate it. Formal amplifiers use administrative tools, contentual amplifiers use business challenges and the personal amplifiers use the individual interests, in order to facilitate the commitment of the employees.