The words "I would have ..." turn responsible managers into wouldhavers. These people have in hindsight the aptness of knowing
Life also does not necessarily punish those, who come too late
We try to use factual language nowadays. However, there is even in such profane things as a glass containing 250
Overthrower throw over
The authors of the first chapter of the Bible described God's command to mankind in Genesis 1:28: Be fruitful and
Lateral thinking revisited
Let us forget for the next few minutes that we do not yet understand the phenomenon of time, although we
The seat direction in the railroad - the ideal metaphor for temporal horizons
The biggest hurdle on the way to fulfilling one's initiatives is the insecurity concerning one's capabilities - the existing roles;
When self-confidence becomes hubris
Deficiencies arise from errors, wear and tear, accidents, or environmental changes. As a result, things and processes only function inadequately.
The blunt ax - the ideal metaphor for a deficiency
The outcome of decades of standardization is bureaucracy in all areas. This is manifested in regulations that are supposed to
The kick in the so-called - the ideal metaphor for a disturbance
When the affairs are not going as desired, you start looking for reasons, such as searching on the Internet. With
First things first
We learn through observation, from teachers or others, and from the experiences we make ourselves. In this case, everything happens
Learning from our own experience
When experts examine systematically, facts dissolve into incredibly subtle components, whereby our view of the whole gets lost. Thus, we
Change is always - and different
A metaphor effects through the mental links that the addressees add, especially if the images are coherently from one subject
The appropriate metaphor field provides many images
What we can know was already a concern of Socrates according to Plato “I know that I do not know
What we can know
So far, 27 people were 300,000 km away - twelve of them were on foot and motorized on the moon.
The A7L - the ideal metaphor for basic needs
The Titanic disappeared at about 2:20 a.m. on April 15, 1912, after colliding sideways with an iceberg about 300 miles
Titanic - the ideal metaphor for false certitude
Since any opinion can be published on the Internet, we have to face a confusing flood of views. In this
The look - the ideal metaphor for the own identity
We ALWAYS perceive the world with our senses. That way, we only see and hear what our filters let through
Opinions are the new truths
Achieving or hitting a goal is difficult without an appropriate aiming device. It is not enough to be able to
The reticle - the ideal metaphor for aiming
A bonsai is the Oskar Matzerath of trees. Even though Oskar decides at the age of three to stop growing,
Bonsai - the ideal metaphor for nipped dedication in the bud
One of the hurdles on the way to agility and entrepreneurship, vibrant corporate culture, and a secure psychosocial climate, genuine
Future management involvement
Once upon a time in the retail sector, the physical customer, who made an effort to go to a shop,
The pendulum in the service desert
Companies that cross the Dunbar number of 150 employees should find ways to spread their leadership across several shoulders to
The effect of single headedness
With digitalization, new storefronts are emerging that convey an image of the business that raises expectations that are not always
All show and no substance
For what reasons should we believe that reality is different from what we perceive? We see the coastline in the
Who benefits from the relocated perspective
There are occasions when our character appears. For instance, if you squeeze into a parking space, even though someone is
Instructions are for newbies
In the wake of long-term growth and tackled crises, bureaucracy proliferates in all corporate corners. This is especially true to
Tool beats rule
Our perception is a personal matter. On the one hand, it differs from one person to another. On the other
The whole-ness is a matter of opinion
Fruitful negotiations need an approach that is focused on the issue rather than on the relationships and the personalities involved.
The views at the state of affairs
Peter Drucker has pointed out that you can only control what you measure. Today we are overwhelmed by numbers, data,
What I do not know I care to
Most of the time we are all customers. Nevertheless, it seems to be hard in business to leave the own
Tasty bait for the fish
One consequence of the information age is the unbelievable amount of data on the Internet of more than 33 zettabytes
The price of the isolated stand-alone solution
Peter Drucker has shown that you can only steer what you have measured. This has led to the fact that
What I don't know won't hurt me
As long as one is mentally stuck in the previous millennium, one tries to ensure an outdated claim to leadership,
Pretending to lead
It has always been difficult to form an opinion about companies, products, employers, employees, travel destinations, films, books, authors, and
When the best becomes standard
The description of actions, behaviors, interactions, processes, systems and the like seems at first glance simple - select, observe, describe,
The matter as such
Consistent networks and various channels not only offer a platform for publishing to classical media providers, but also for all
The publication triangle
Mythology has provided us the story of Narcissus, who was condemned in revenge for being insatiably in love with himself.
Off the beaten tracks to wreck your own company
There was a time when employees were cogs in a big machine. They had a fixed position in the clockwork
The ability to apply resources
The good offer is determined by an appropriate price. But when does it fit? In the simplest case, two variables
The character of the provider is in the offer
Everyone is happy in spring, when the sun invites to go for a walk. If you live in a climate
The boiling frog - the ideal metaphor for small changes
After six months of intensive teamwork at locations around the world, the results are eventually available. The yield of new
Getting to the point