No, poor, particular, pure

Between the years we compare frequently the passing with the coming year. We look at the changes that make the difference between the old and the new year. The degree of change that one is striving for, can reach from no, to poor, to particular or to pure change.


Actually there are never no changes, since everything is changing permanently. Here, we concentrate on the changes that we activate by ourselves. All grades of change have a meaning.

  • No change
    The desire not to change anything results from the satisfaction with the current circumstances or from the fears of uncertainty. Since the environment is continuously changing by itself, this decision results in the fact that people let themselves drift away – wherever the environment drives to. The ravages of time make only few things better. Stradivari’s or other natural instruments win over time sound and playability. Actually, there are no other examples that things do not suffer as time goes by. Especially for this reason one should always strive actively for changes.
  • Poor change
    Poor changes result from everyday readjusting due to the personal advancement or the recalibration to the changing conditions. With a variety of small changes one comes into noticeable new conditions over time. A statue of marble gets glossier by patiently polishing its surface. The sword becomes sharper, the more often the steel is folded when forging. These are above all the small things that shape the way into the future. For this reason, one should constantly poke the fire and develop oneself through small escapes from the comfort zone.
  • Particular change
    A particular change becomes possible, if one permits a noticeable modification in one step. In such a case the changes are immediately visible for everybody. The world is not turned upside down. The important aspects of our everyday life are the things that can be changed. And in this case not all at once – a new eating style, trendy clothes, new interests or a personal coming out. All these do not change the personality as a whole, but they dissolve an old style or add a new variation. We move on a way that is nowadays still irreversible. One should use the time that remains.
  • Pure change
    The strongest change jumps from one condition to a completely new one. It is difficult to recognize the origin. One may be able to obtain similar effects over a long time. However, the revolutionary shift, the pure change, leads quickly into new conditions. It should not be a change on a whim, because afterwards nothing stays the same. That way one benefits from the new advantages fastest and longest with regard to the future.

Change incessantly takes place whether one takes care or not. It creates not only profits, but also losses, since one replaces something old by something new. For change management it is necessary to ask oneself, whether, and if yes, how to change oneself. No matter which change degree one selects, it will not be the last change.

Bottom line: Change is a permanent alternation of the conditions, whether one releases it, or whether it is released by context. All people have control by actively worrying about their re-design. Each modification is good. Each variation is only a further condition. Change follows after change.

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