Business ventures should never be set up without a clear and comprehensible intention. This purpose gives all activities one direction.
The ONE intention behind every strategy
Opposed to storing data in a computer, our learning is the accumulation of experience, which increasingly anchors through the linking
Mirror neurons - Auto start for change
In everyday life we benefit from the facts we know and for which we have developed a repertoire of behaviors.
Time of radical change
One of the greatest discoveries of mankind, beside the hand axe and the fire, was the needle. Sewing individual pieces
The button - the ideal metaphor for an interface
The countless parallel worlds made possible by digitalization and networking construe for themselves their own realities, which are readily accepted
What can be different, is actually different
Before personal talismans and amulets evolved, like the Nazar in Turkey or the Christopher in the western world, many particularities
The Talisman - the ideal metaphor for a metaphor
All activities need a compass to align with. The first thought of many strategists is to win. However, that does
The one thought before any strategizing
In the past, we were prepared for our professional life by learning reading and writing, basic arithmetic and geometry, music,
Mind map 2.0 multiplies your efficacy
When the workforce has access to all necessary data regardless of rank and reputation, anytime, anywhere, and can immediately decide
Agility could actually be used since a long time
With an increasingly digital world of services, it is becoming ever harder to identify the limitations of the activities. These
The flagpole - the ideal metaphor for the limitedness of possibilities
Today's entrepreneurs are at the mercy of a much more volatile world. Perhaps that is the reason why they are
The Crux of the right time
How much change requires respect from somebody is different for everyone. It begins with the small fluctuations which deflect the
Finding your own rhythm
In the egotope of one's own small apartment, everything is determined by the interests of the one resident. He doesn't
Why should I?
You have decided to put your "Hello world" in writing on the way. The finalized text already floats in front
The simple formula for a text
Most of our working time, we take care of routine tasks that need to be done and are not a
Unintended consequences
In business you are repeatedly exposed to energy hijackers, who exploit our zest for action to their own advantage. It's
Isolating energy hijackers
That crimes are kept secret is part of the offence. Revealing and punishing it is in the interest of most
Secret crimes?
Cultural artifacts have now become economic products and services that follow the rules of the market - literature, music as
Retro - the fanciless reuse
Compulsive players are not discouraged from playing by the sentence "The house always wins". They are addicted to the anticipation
Actually, the house always wins
It is a difficult balancing act to filter one out of two unpleasant solutions. The choice between pest and cholera
Out of the dilemma
The development, from the accumulation of some houses to a city, as an economic, social, cultural and political center, followed
A medieval city - the ideal metaphor for a platform
Already in the Politeia Plato formulated "what the ignorant has to suffer duly ... is to learn from the knowledgeable".
Learning is a completely personal matter
How unimaginable seems to be a city that is gigantic and divided into a lower and an upper town. The
The natural limits
Just as the water is seeking its path, sometimes almost turning in circles, but always finding its way down into
The eternal answer
It is a long way before different interests are harmonized and eventually benefit from a partnership. It is important to
Talked its way out of the advantages
In times of the classic chain of command, many links wanted more openness. The stronger the participants are concatenated, the
Let Loose Borders
In the days of the guilds, the quality of the performance was the focus of interest and the figurehead of
Waste due to form without function
If you disengage from the previous styles of leadership, which were based on a strong, authoritarian superior, who did not
The Agile benefits from Systems thinking
It is not a question of feasibility, if you wish for your deliverables to have full customer intimacy, the best
One value discipline at the expense of the others
There was a time when Berlin was surrounded by a wall that made the city an island. At some point,
What border crossings are about
It's surprising that after many years of having the team on the agenda, companies are still struggling to capitalize on
More than said and heard
Let us forget for a moment the rights holders of basic technique such as ploughing, cutting and hacking - even
To whom belongs the progress?
For centuries, publications were associated with high costs for the carrier material, the production and distribution of the novelty. The
Information needs a adequate remuneration
The path to the public has always begun with the authors. They develop ideas and take the time to create
The new public
In Greek mythology, Sisyphus tricked the gods and closed the portal to the Hades by captivating the god of death,
The Boulder of Sisyphus - the ideal metaphor for disruptions
Digitalization increases the proportion of mechanically consecutively executed steps that are performed by computers at an incredible speed. This fulfills
Business processes are rarely the problem
These seasons that seem colorless and uncomfortable to some. When the clouds are hanging low in the sky and moisture
When doing gets false
Our utterances are naturally limited to what we can express with words, images and other means. The resulting signs are
The look into the future
When people and their collaboration become more important and results count increasingly and customers are tighter involved and the flexible
The Alpha and Omega of Agility
Even if you fasten your seat belt, close the door and place a group of doorwomen in front of the
Agilemma - Spirits that I've cited, my commands ignore