The increasing complexity of tasks inevitably results in narrowing of the perspective of the acting persons. Increasing time and cost
Reducing unintended consequences
Sometimes we let inspirations vanish unused that seem to come out of nowhere and strike like lightning, although we desperately
Stimulate recognition
Facts become conveyable through language, signs and numbers. The oldest signs were painted on the walls of Stone Age caves
Inevitably alternative facts
System relevance is a current euphemism that is used by all possible parts of society to underline the importance of
System relevance - verbal showstopper
The complex interplay of purposes and means as well as the influence of the unintended consequences leads to a certain
The pretended purpose
Wheels first appeared on a Sumerian drinking cup as early as 5 millennia ago. The wheel was not known in
Purposes, their means and unwanted partners
Ear sharpeners are phrases that require attention. Messages consist of descriptions that are intended to convey facts. Additionally, speakers send
Five more ear sharpeners
The word rhythm is derived from the Greek rhythmós, "measure of time, and beat" and describes a temporal division into
In search of the right rhythm
Since everybody is latently connected with everyone and is exchanging constantly data, we have to deal with too much of
Learning to fly
Before work was divided into ever smaller steps that could be learned in a very short time, most activities were
The inevitable look at activities
Shortly after midnight a man was walking his dog. At the end of his street he saw a group of
Swat team into the dark
Distance is a term that feels more like the distance between Earth and Sagittarius A (26,5000 light years) than the
After is before
On 24 December 1968, a photograph, taken by William Anders while orbiting the moon with Apollo 8, changed its global
That’s all there is
"We have to keep moving. Now heat the ship with the ship!" On the first day the superstructure and the
When optimized processes have to function in the crisis
With more and more precise watches, we seem to get closer to the phenomenon of time since the sundials of
Despite the digital euphoria, we will not see that human labor will be extensively transferred into the cyberspace in a
The first step is the right image of human beings
Looking back in history is convenient, because it can explain everything retrospectively. We are following a life and feel that
Changes of times transform meaning
The image that we have of project managers is determined by our imagination. A project is a temporary undertaking of
How much remains for managing a project
Somehow the search for the world formula, the Theory of Everything, seems to permeate Western thought. While the Greek philosophers
42 - The faith in the ONE Solution
The reign of the administration is actually an outdated way of steering a company - with objective, formal, regulated, verifiable
Bureaucracy prevents
We still have no explanation of how we are actually able to think consciously. Already the appropriation by means of
Through the veil of symptoms
In Germany, we receive on average more than twenty business-related e-mails per day - almost twice as much as three
Em@ilettes become more important
All living things derive their essential energy from the environment - the vital food and liquid are absorbed. These inventories
Comparisons that over-do
The dilemma with PR is the way in which publications are used to consciously affect public opinion with methods adopted
When the noise is not not perceived
History is coined by conquests and subjections. Driven by the interests of an alleged stronger counterpart, negotiations tend to become
When there is nothing left to negotiate.
For all those, who do not master Chinese, Cyrillic, Thai, Arabic or cuneiform script and hieroglyphics, those written documents in
We only recognize, what we recognize
All those involved bear their cross written on their forehead when implementing agility. With a little attention, you quickly can
Nagile Mindset
Anthropomorphic assignments always happen, when we deal with things as if they were enlivened - the dialogues with the computer,
The human being - the ideal metaphor for organizations
The longest active lighthouse was the Pharos of Alexandria, the seventh of seven wonders of the ancient world, which was
The lighthouse - the ideal metaphor for a reference point
Henry Ford emphasized on mastering the entire value chain. He ran a rubber plantation to ensure the raw material for
SSS - Supplier Satisfaction Survey
The path to the completed presentation does not begin with the scheduling or the elaboration of a topic or the
An additional puzzle piece for better understanding
More than thousands of years, customers were met where they lived. Customer contacts took place on the market. The first
Preparing the stage for the customer contact
Hint! This text only unfolds its full effect in color. Colors are an indirect, personal world of experience. Depending on
Color - the third gateway into the mind of the audience
The fitness of a company's contributors is a prerequisite to adapt more easily to the market requirements and to take
Nagile clues
Meaning is always arising through the conscious processing of words that someone disseminates. The scope used to be limited to
There is no meaning per se
The digital transformation is actually the level of a networked, decentralized IT that used to be characterized by client-server architectures
The fractal - the archetype of agile teams
As soon as the virtual word of mouth reaches everyone immediately, the contribution of a messenger, the conveyor of the
Who actually owns a fact?
Whenever someone is not satisfied with the results of a measure, the abyss of order blur opens. Clients actually strive
Order blur
Heraclitus had already explained two and a half thousand years ago that one cannot step into the same river twice.
Stable with rituals
During evolution, our body has adapted to handle a continuous stream of sensory stimuli. The flood of information that everybody
PAM - What's in it for me?